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    Release information EOS R

    About "EOS R"

    Canon will release a mirrorless camera "EOS R" equipped with a 35 mm full size CMOS sensor from late October 2018 as a camera of "EOS R system" adopting "RF mount". In addition to the newly developed "RF lens", the conventional "EF lens" and "EF - S lens" can also be used by attaching a dedicated mount adapter (optional) * 1 .
    • * 1 Excludes EF - M lens and CN - E lens (EF cinema lens) of the EF lens series.
    EOS R
    * When installing RF 24 - 105 mm F 4 L IS USM

    Release date
    Late October 2018

    Battery grip BG-E22

    34,900 yen (excluding tax)
    Release date
    Late October 2018

    Main features

    Excellent image quality and rich expression power by combining with "RF lens"

    By combining "RF lens" and 35 mm full size CMOS sensor with effective pixel number of about 30.3 million pixels * 2 and the latest image engine "DIGIC 8", it is possible to shoot with high image quality and expressive abilities. "Digital Lens Optimizer" that corrects lens aberration etc. can be used without affecting the continuous shooting speed, so you can derive the performance of "RF Lens" without losing comfort during continuous shooting * 3 . Moreover, it has realized usual ISO sensitivity 100 to 40000, and by combining it with a bright lens, high-quality shooting can be done even in dark scenes such as indoors and night scenes.
    • ※ 2 The total number of pixels is about 31.7 million pixels.
    • * 3 Depending on shooting conditions and settings, the continuous shooting speed may decrease.

    "Dual pixel CMOS AF" corresponding to various scenes

    By optimizing the drive control of "dual pixel CMOS AF" and "RF lens" where each pixel serves both as imaging and phase difference AF, high speed AF of about 0.05 second * 4 is realized at the maximum. When the AF area is selected arbitrarily, in the range of about 100% (vertical) × about 88% (horizontal) of the imaging surface * 5 , you can choose from the position of up to 5,655 * 6 the position you want to focus on, I can do it. In addition, we achieve the low brightness limit of EV - 6 * 7 , the first in the EOS series, and achieve high - precision focusing even in dark situations where it is difficult to discriminate subjects with the naked eye.
    • * 4 Calculated from results of AF time measured according to CIPA guidelines (depending on shooting conditions and lenses used). Internal measurement method.
      [Measurement conditions] 1 point AF (center) is used when shooting with the shutter button operation using the distance measuring luminance: EV 12 (room temperature · ISO 100), shooting mode: M, "RF 24 - 105 mm F 4 L IS USM" , One shot AF time.
    • * 5 RF lens, current EF lens ("EF 200 mm F 2.8 L II USM", "EF 75-300 mm F 4 - 5.6 III", "EF 8 - 15 mm F 4 L fish eye USM", "MP - E 65 mm F 2. Photo ", EF - M lens, except for EF - S lens) when mounted. When mounting non-compatible lenses, it is in the range of about 80% (vertical) × about 80% (horizontal) of the imaging surface. As of September 5, 2018.
    • ※ 6 When selected with the four-way controller. When AF area is automatically selected, the distance measuring area is divided into a maximum of 143.
    • * 7 "RF 50 mm f / 1.2 L USM" used, still picture shooting, F 1. 2 - normal temperature - ISO 100 - one shot AF - 1 point AF (middle).

    Comfortable operability that you can concentrate on taking pictures without removing your eyes from the viewfinder

    The built-in electronic view finder (EVF) of about 3.69 million dots with high definition and high visibility is adopted. By using it together with the operation unit adopting the new mechanism, you can concentrate on the shooting itself because you can check the effect of various shooting settings without removing your eyes from the subject.

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