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    EF 600 mm F 4 L IS III USM Overview

    EF 600 mm F 4 L IS III USM Super-telephoto lens achieved further miniaturization and high image quality by new design.

    Main features

    A super telephoto lens which achieved further weight saving by weight reduction of newly designed optical system and mechanism. By adopting coating technology ASC, it is possible to suppress flare and ghost. We realize even higher image quality. Image stabilization effect improved to 5 steps. With the establishment of a manual focus speed switch, the adoption of a new paint with thermal insulation properties, the shortest shooting distance of 4.2 m, operability and expressive power have also greatly evolved.

    On-board technology

    The following link points on the technology which stores the landmark depiction performance of EF lens and excellent operation performance.
    • Fluorite lens
      Adopt fluorite lens that can almost completely remove chromatic aberration of photographed image. The lens adopting this technology is attractive with sharp, sharp depiction and high image quality.
    • Super UD lens
      We have adopted optical technology that improves the optical performance of UD lens, corrects chromatic aberration, and contributes greatly to compact lens body.
      Canon's original lens vibration correction within the lens that corrects camera shake at the time of shooting, which causes failure photos, on the lens side. You can also look at shooting in the dark or on hand with confidence.
    • ASC
      Coating "Air Sphere Coating" which greatly reduces flare and ghost. It is effective in preventing reflection of light entering vertically.
    • Ring USM
      High torque and high response motor enables quick focusing. Ultrasonic motor (USM) is carried. Achieve comfortable autofocus.
    • Rear focus
      We adopt the rear focus method which realizes compact lens and comfortable AF operation. It is also a feature that the total length of the lens does not change during focusing.
    • Full time manual
      After autofocus, manual focusing is possible immediately by rotating the focus ring immediately.
    • Dustproof and drip-proof
      Dust-proof and drip-proof structure that prevents dust and water intrusion is adopted even in shooting under severe circumstances.
    • Fluorine coating
      Fluorine coating that can easily remove dirt attached to the lens surface. You can face shooting with confidence.

    Basic information

    EF 600 mm F 4 L IS III USM

    • NEW
    Scheduled to be released late December 2018
    Product code:
    3329C001 AA
    Model number:
    EF 6004 LIS 3
    JAN Code:
    Suggested retail price:
    1,820,000 yen (excluding tax)
    EF 600 mm F 4 L IS III USM

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