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    Nikon full-frame mirror-less Rumoured Specifications and teaser

    On August 23, 2018, Nikon will unveil their new full frame mirrorless system and lens mount.
    The Rumored Specifications via Nikon Rumors:
    • Two Nikon full-frame mirrorless cameras expected: one with 24-25MP and one with 45MP (48MP is also a possibility, previously reported in October last year).
    • BSI sensors (supposed to be new gen/tech with advanced AF).
    • 5-axis in-body stabilization
    • 9fps
    • Memory cards: XQD and CF Express (ProGrade is coming with a CF Express card).
    • EVF resolution: 3.6MP (I am not sure if this is MP or million dots).
    • Very good video AF features.
    • Video AF could be different for the two mirrorless models (the cheaper version may have less AF goodies).
    • AF tracking ability of the 45MP version on par or better compared to the current Sony A7 models.
    • Over 400 AF points, not sure about the exact number, it should be somewhere between 430-450. The AF is supposed to be very fast.
    • The rear LCD screen is tiltable just like the Nikon D850.
    • I see 8K listed in the technical specifications, but it is hard for me to get the translation right – I don’t think it’s for video, maybe it is for 8K time-lapse just like the D850?
    • 4K video.

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