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    upcoming full frame mirrorless camera from Nikon Z mount

    Nikon Europe has posted a video on YouTube that seems to tease the upcoming full frame mirrorless camera from Nikon, along with the rumored new “Z mount”.
    If you move forward to 1:05 in the video, you’ll see what everyone is talking about.
    Specifications are after the break.

    Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Specifications (Nikon Rumors):

    • Official announcement in the next few weeks (still no exact/confirmed date).
    • Battery life is said to be worse than current Nikon DSLR cameras (obviously).
    • The biggest problem could be that Nikon may not be able to meet demand as production facilities are not yet ramped up after the restructuring. Again, just a rumor that may or may not turn out to be true.
    • Very good video AF features (no other details).
    • Video AF will be different for the two mirrorless models (the cheaper version may have less AF goodies).
    • AF tracking ability of the 45MP version on par with the current Sony A7 models.
    • Another price, this time from the UK (body only): 45MP about £2,400, 24MP about £1,700.
    • F-mount adaptor can be used with ANY Nikkor lens (G, E, I reported that a while back),

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