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    Sony a7S III Rumored to be Announced Around Photokina 2018

    sony a7s ii

    Currently, there is no specs leaked yet about Sony a7SIII, below is wish list of Sony a7SIII:
    • 6K capable image processor and codec to maximise use of 24MP 6K stacked CMOS sensor
    • Cinema 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) like GH5
    • S-LOG and picture profiles, possibly revised and new HDR gamma curve added for their new TVs
    • 10bit codec like GH5
    • Bigger battery and more power efficient sensor and LSI
    • Better haptic feedback from the body controls and dials
    • Better placement of video record button, addition of joystick
    • Like on a Canon DSLR, the body surface drops away around important controls like rear jog-dial, which is now raised up for a more tactile feel
    • Better menus with video options separated from stills menus
    • Vastly reduced rolling shutter from faster sensor

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