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    Canon' announce New full frame mirrorless camera

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    We’ve been receiving a lot of information lately about Canon’s upcoming full frame mirrorless camera, the following information is apparently about one of the prototype camera bodies currently being tested.
    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Prototype Specifications:
    • Look & Feel: large grip with top LCD, very comfortable to hold; dials are very similar to those we found on the EOS 5D Mark IV.
    • 45 megapixel 
    • Side articulating screen
    • Sensor: Upgraded version of the EOS 5D Mark IV sensor, obviously includes DPAF.
    • Frame rate: 10FPS
    • Silent shutter and 1/16000sec shutter speed is available
    • Focus control is very similar to EOS 5D Mark IV’s 61-pt AF system.
    • Dual SD card slots
    • Video Features: C-Log 1/2/3, Focus Guide
    • Formats available: 60p/30p/24p 4K (both DCI & UHD can be chosen).
    • FHD 120p
    • Weight: not very light, but similar to Sony A7 but a bit larger due to the big grip.

    Happy April fools Day

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