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    Canon 200-400mm and 600mm prototype lenses first sightings...and the new 5D Mark III?

    By Stephen Oachs

    I'm currently on a shoot in Kenya, Africa, and I ran into a Japanese man sporting some gear I didn't recognize. While his English was very limited, I was able to confirm that he works for Canon and is doing in-field testing with the new Canon 200-400mm with built-in teleconverter. He also was testing the new Canon 600mm. 

     What I also noticed was a Canon camera body that I hadn't seen before. You can see it in the photos I took...I see the "Q" button located by the big wheel on the right, which on the 7D is currently located on the top left. The battery grip seems to have a joystick. I also noticed a "Rate" button...hrm, any ideas?

    Is this the new 5D Mark III, or maybe the 7D Mark II? This info I was not able to determine.

    I'll tell you this, that Canon 200-400mm is on my shopping list as soon as it's available. He told me he thought it would be officially released on March or April.



    1. As its a alrge format body - it must be Canon EOS 1Dx....

    2. I'm personally quite excited to try the 200-400mm f/4 1/4x built in convertor lens with Canon EOS 1Dx body as it will be a full frame and looking forwards to both.

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